Strange problem with rFactor.

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Strange problem with rFactor.

Post  Neil Bateman on Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:48 am

Ok, when you select your mod, and your car and then your track and go to a race, online or offline, when you finish or just end out of the race and close down rfactor the next time you run the game the mod and vehicle should be the one you were driving when you left as this information as well as the last track you raced on is stored in your plr file in this section:

Scene File="GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\F1WCP\2009\Valencia\Valencia\Valencia.SCN"
Scene Description="Valencia"
AI Database File="GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\F1WCP\2009\Valencia\Valencia\Valencia.AIW"

RaceCast Email="" // The email you are registered with on
RaceCast Password="" // Your password on
Team="Energy Racing"
Original Driver="Neil Bateman"
Birth Date=""
Game Description="F3Euroseries.rfm" // The current rFactor game file (*.RFM) to load.

Now based on this being the last car and track i drove, my car should be the one showing as selected when i go to the vehicle screen, but its not, even though it says above 17NBateman.VEH as the current Vehicle file before i start rfactor, i still have to manually select it as its always a different car showing, even though i have clicked on buy the car it wont stay selected, even if i select it then go to settings to load my controller ini then back to the vehicle screen it has changed to a different car.

Now i know this is not a major problem but this as well as not being able to run the game in a window after running config and selecting "run in a window" it just seems a bit strange.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what could be causing these issues. scratch
Neil Bateman
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