Hello from Ohio, USA

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Hello from Ohio, USA

Post  Guest on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:45 am


I'm from the East Coast of the states. I'm pretty exited to race with you guys. I've been playing rFactor for about a full year now and I have experience with league racing. I'm hoping to be able to race your final Super Touring Cars race on the 30th. I've driven a few road races but never anything serious (I race in circles most of the time). However I've driven a TON of laps by myself on a variety of circuits in a variety of rFactor mods. I'm looking forward to learning a lot of new things and I hope to stick around long enough to be somewhat competitive. Also, I noticed you used TeamSpeak. What is the information for you server?

Looking forward to racing,

Rudy Kuhl


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Re: Hello from Ohio, USA

Post  Matt Lewis on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:11 am

Hi Rudy,

Welcome to the league. I've added you to the access list to the downloads section here on the forums but you've probably got the mod from the website or F1 classic i guess. Track download links are attached to the event details here on the forum or the facebook event. Some of our custom tracks are on the website and forum downloads section but don't worry about those until they come round on the schedule.

We welcome all levels of skill so don't worry if your on the front, middle or back of the grid. As long as you enjoy good clean and close racing your welcome here. You'll also find the members willing to help and share tips so just ask if here or on the facebook page if you need help of any kind.

Teamspeak details are here in the forum, http://wsvr.forumotion.co.uk/t14-wsvr-teamspeak-server . Its available to all members to use but not enforced currently as i have to run the events via chatbox at present. That should change shortly when i move house and will be able to set up the PC in a study so be able to race without disturbing the wife's all important Friday night tV shows. Wink Listen in mode still recommended as a minimum.



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