WSVR Teamspeak Rules changed

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WSVR Teamspeak Rules changed

Post  Michael Pitschmann on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:51 pm

Just wish to remind everyone that whilst we have and encourage an open teamspeak channel during races, the following guidelines must be followed during events

Practice / Warm-up sessions
- No restrictions on TS use however members must respect that all participants may wish to use the channel.
- Members asking admin questions take priority over any other chats, please allow answers to be given

Qualifying and Race
- Chat must be minimal as soon as session starts, this includes pre green light in qual and waiting for warm-up lap
- Chat must be short and to the point with only the following category's of message allowed
* Apologies to other drivers
* Warnings to drivers of crashes, spins, track blockages etc... either involving you or witnessed with other drivers.
* Pre warning a following driver if you are pulling over to allow a pass or slowing to pit.
* Admin request for restart if any warmup lap issues.

General TS policies
- TS is not a place to voice opinion or debate incidents involving drivers. By all means and discuss if an apology is due but for any other grievance, post race stewards panel is the process to report.
- Any business or directed profanity will not be tolerated. (don't mind non directed mild swearing in jovial manner, this isn't kindergarten)
- Whilst WSVR is a race community, not a pro league we don't appreciate promotion and discussion of non WSVR events. Please do that post race or via alternate communication channels

Aim is to ensure consideration for other TS users, need to focus in the relevant sessions. Members not able to observe these rules may be denied use and access of the TS channel.


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