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Chris's Screenshot Thread

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:17 pm

Here are some of my shots from my battles with Matt in the second race. This battle lasted 8 laps and the gap got no bigger than 1.1 seconds.

Getting alongside Matt on the dropdown

Matt goes deep into the corner and......

Runs wide allowing me through again.

Matt trying hard to catchup to battle more with me.

Oops, I cut the last but one corner more than planned, and end up on 2 wheels.

Matt's caught up with me after my cock-up as we enter last corner.

Going for the overtake on start finish straight.

Though I held the inside line for T1.

... Shortly after that, I spin in T3, a lap later, Matt spins coming into last but one corner enabling me to re-catch him, then he spins yet again the following lap leaving me to run away with victory YAY!! cheers


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