WSVR goes Live on Air!

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WSVR goes Live on Air!

Post  Michael Pitschmann on Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:10 pm

Idea Most of you know it maybe, but here it is now official Idea

WSVR goes Live on air at affraid
The races will be streamed live with comentators, timings and in 720p.
For the future all races will be comentated in english and german on 2 streams. First race only german on one stream.

Costs for WSVR? Nothing! But we still need 2-3 english comentators for the second stream. Some people asked (myles Dixon and David Carter), now here you can post an answer if you want to do this job. But remember: We dont want to search every week for new comentators, make sure that you have the time to do this every race.

The streaming PCs of are highend systems:

We now have five permanent broadcast PCs. Another PC may be used if necessary. Four PCs are provided from Simrace.TV itself, 2 other PCs are sponsored by the RSA. Each computer is equipped with an Intel i7 processor, 8 GByte RAM and Nvidia 560GTX TI or ATI 7970. Sufficient performance for high details ingame and HD-Broadcasting (720p). Nevertheless SimraceTV remains free of charge!

The races will be in the download libary at in 720p 3-5 min after the stream ends. Sometimes it can happen, if a race ends to late, the download will be available at the next morning.

That means for us drivers: stay on the track and dont demolish your car, and do a good show Wink
And very important: Dont use your headlights atm, little bug inside, will be fixed for the BTCC 2013.[u]


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