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Chris Jones

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:39 pm

Evening all chaps

Its been a while in coming, but I'm back!! I think all the current members here (up to today) know me from GMWC, and the owner of RAC Racing team.

I am solely responsible for the outcome of this website! had I not got Matt Lewis into the GMWC league all those years ago, this league may never have happened, but thankfully it did Very Happy

I took a sabbatical from racing over a year ago as competing competitively in GMWC became too difficult, and with a new arrival on the way, that was the ideal time to jump overboard. Now, roll the clocks forward many hours, the sleepless nights my son keeps on insisting daddy should get up for seem to be fading, and the hunger to get back behind the wheel again (not the flight wheel now) is growing more intense each week, and as a result, has brought me to this great forum to get me up and running once again.

Looking forward to seeing you guys out on track soon.



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Re: Chris Jones

Post  Matt Lewis on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:17 pm

Yeah i guess it is all your fault Chris Razz

Funny that were all GMWC refuges on here so far. I hope this group can be everything that GMWC wasn't for the guys that left and now have a home here Very Happy
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