RF1 BTCC 2015 - Round 7 Silverstone

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RF1 BTCC 2015 - Round 7 Silverstone

Post  Roy Wüstner on Fri May 15, 2015 11:09 pm

What an unpleasant evening !!!!
Coming here as temporarly leader was a great feeling and even having the weight wasnt too bad by looking at the qualifying result. bounce
All fine until first race where everybody seemed to have lag issues. Shocked  First I had a strange responce of the steering wheel (force feedback was vice-versa to normal settings so i had to turn it around) and GID didnt respond properly (track was blocked and fuel amount was shown wrong) then i got kicked on the 5th or 6th lap by track mismatch. Mad  Evil or Very Mad
I ran posy again and had no update files. So i tried a weekend Run offline (Training, Qualy and Race) and everything was fine. Twisted Evil
Then race two set the weights and grid and tried out my car on a warm up lap and all was fine. Warm up lap all fine and on the Grid to start Race 2. What happens ??? First Corner game kicks me again with notice of track mismatch.... Question  Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Next I delete the hole Silverstone Folder in Rfactor and run Posy again so all set new and last Chance for the night to really race. Once again joining Server when race 2 is over, doing all the weights and grid and trying the car in warmup mode. Everything fine, only a fear i will not work again. bom Warm up lap and Grid Setup all fine, start and first Corner kicked !!!! Shocked  Sad
Dont know what went wrong but hope all of you had fun, me not and gotta leave it to whoever knows, gonna try to forget and come back next Round to might have some fun.
Roy Wüstner
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