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Brian Gould

Post  Guest on Sat Jun 04, 2011 2:09 pm

Hello all,

Some of you may remember me from Grid Motorsports which I used to play rFactor.

Well for those of you don't remember me...

My main objective was to get around a track and finish within the top ten without wrecking my car. Unfortunately I did not always succeed and was labelled the "rolling chicane". On many occasions some of my racing aquaintances failled to give me a wide berth coming up to the corners and as such, stole my paintwork as a souvenir. I do not mind losing paintwork but I do object to missing car parts... especially if they are from my car! I will of course endeavour to avoid any near misses - unless we are in touring cars where a bit of social contact will prove to be unavoidable!

I look forward to some interesting and thrilling racing with you all in the future.


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