World Series Virtual Racing introduction / philosophy

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World Series Virtual Racing introduction / philosophy

Post  Matt Lewis on Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:47 am

Welcome to the World Series Virtual Racing community.

This page provides a basic description of the league, its operations and objectives. Also as a member what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

World Series Virtual Racing (WSVR for short) was formed in January 2011 by a number of UK based members that previously competed in another league but drifted away over time for similar reasons. We all share a philosophy that online racing should be accessible, competitive but ultimately fun. Our goal is to be a friendly league. providing close, challenging racing for sim-racers of all ages and abilities. We also firmly believe that hours of setup and practice time should not be required to enjoy competitive events.

This league is intended for sim racers who wish to be involved in a like minded community and enjoy fun and respectful touring car racing. Our ethos is to focus on the quality of racing and whilst we operate championships, its the passion and enjoyment of racing that's key, whether it be battling for the lead or 15th place.

WSVR is not a place for "pro" simracers out for championship glory only or for drivers operating in a win at all costs or unsportsmanlike approach, there are other leagues that offer a more suitable environment for that. We wish to be a much more friendly and accessible community sharing a joint passion to race close but fair with all enjoying their track time equally.

At present WSVR offers:

   Regular weekly events.
   Exciting event formats.
   Carefully selected mods and tracks providing only the best available free content.
   Dedicated server and Teamspeak available 24/7 via partners Team Firestorm.
   An active and friendly community with vibrant forum for discussion of all things related to motorsports and beyond.

Currently, rFactor is our primary racing platform.  It was chosen because due to it being the existing software of choice between our initial members. We also feel that the free content available is far beyond what other titles can offer. Whilst its not a new and cutting edge title, its still arguably offers one of the finest simulation experiences and recent free add-on's prove there life in the old dog yet. Rfactor 2 will be be the next step in due course. Until then to participate in the league, you'll need a copy of rFactor.  It can be purchased via most retail game stores, or you can simply download it directly and purchase a license key

We hope to see you on track and enjoy your time with the league.
Matt Lewis

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