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Post  Frederic Schornstein on Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:29 am

Real Name: Frederic Schornstein
Age: 25
Gender: male
Country: Germany

Driving style:Fast and smooth

I have read and agree to race and forum rules of WSVR: Yes

How did you find WSVR: ISI Forums
Racing software owned: rFactor 2, AC, but only use rF2 at the moment.

Frederic Schornstein
Race crew
Race crew

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Re: Application

Post  Michael Pitschmann on Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:56 am


Hi Frederic and Welcome to WSVR,

at first I have to quote this from Matt Lewis with all Information about us and our rules:

Firstly welcome to our league and we hope you will have an enjoyable time.

Here you will find commonly asked questions and information to help get you set up with running in our league all in once place.

In order to apply to join our community simply register an account on this forum (please note we only accept new registrations from users with their full real names) and then apply for a WSVR race license by introducing yourself in this section of the forum with a little information about yourself, where your from, sim racing background etc.. Access to other ares of the forum are restricted until license application is done.

We operate a strict license grading system (details linked below) which permits entry to various level of competition. Please familiarize yourself this and our league rules and guidelines as follows.

General league rules/code of conduct -
WSVR competition license -
Stewards guidelines -

Once set up you can then visit our various race series sections to find out about entering the competitions. We do have a limit on grid places for some events but we do look to accommodate everyone where we can on both official and fun events.

You recieve now our C License to join our rf2 Indycar, WEC and Cup Events, and some more funevents like our Thursday fun racers. The admins watching you and after a couple of races we decide to promote you to our B License, with that youre able to join our BTCC series (atm on rf1, rf2 will start at 2015). A License is for members that have at least raced one season with us together and have shown clear and fair on track and in Teamspeak.

Feel free to ask any question if needed.

cheers Mike


Michael Pitschmann
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Racing Legend

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