rFactor: Hints in config.ini

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rFactor: Hints in config.ini

Post  Michael Pitschmann on Sat May 24, 2014 1:31 pm

First to ask the main question: Why I should edit the config.ini if my rf runs fine?

Answer: Just to make some things much easier and save much space.

Excample: search in the config.ini for the line TracksDir=GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\
Replace GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS\ for excample with e:\rF_tracks_only (of course you have to create this one at first ;)this rf will now use all tracks inside the rf_tracks_only folder instead of the tracks at Gamedata/locations.

Why is that good? If you have many rf installs like most of us have you have some tracks more then one time installed, becaused some of them are used in the btcc, cup, stc and so on - So why dont put them all in one folder and each installation can have access to this folder? Smile

Another excample: SaveDir=USERDATA\

This is the folder where your rf install search and save your setups. So why dont use one main folder (like SaveDir=e:\rf_setups) and never loose any of your setups because you delete an old rf install?

There are a lot other things you can edit if you want, but these things can slow down your rf install by only saving a little piece of space.


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